Jaume was born in the charming neigborhood of Gracia, in Barcelona, Spain. He was graduated in Illustration at the Official College of Arts & Crafts of Barcelona, "La Llotja". Jaume made the jump on the work market at a young age, in 1988 he got his first job as illustrator in a design agency, and after 8 years he made the shift into the emerging new technologies industry with a specialization training at a European Union program to develop new technologies professionals. He started working on the production of art for multimedia and rich media contents; first as freelance and then as fulltime Art Director in a couple of companies. He combined this position with his career as freelance for more than 10 years to finally stablish himself as fulltime freelance illustrator for clients like Sony, Peugeot, Audi, Governement of Mexico, Grupo Planeta, Fundacio La Caixa, & Science Museum of Barcelona among others.

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This illustration portfolio showcase art for Advertising, Game Developers, Motion Graphics, Books and Events. Using illustrations techniques like Photoshop Adobe Illustrator & other computer art, but also classical illustration techniques like acrylics, watercolor, or pen and ink.
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